Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Warrior

This weekend I’ve visited two vastly different extremes of the lower mainland. On Saturday my friend Lindsay convinced me that that I should accompany her and her friend on a snowshoeing trek up Cypress Mountain. When she texted me late on Saturday morning I initially balked, justifying my reluctance with, “I’ve left my backpack at work and I don’t have the appropriate gear.” But then I thought, “I’ve never been to Cypress since moving here and since I don’t own a vehicle, how can I pass this up?” It would be absurd to turn down the offer of some physical activity in the mountains. How can you regret slogging up to the top of the world to take in a view like this--especially when you get to drink a little bit of celebratory wine?

And today Steve and I took advantage of Translink's little known FareCard savings--that a pass holder can take up to two other adult passengers for free on Sundays--and went to Boundary Bay Park in Tsawwassen. Although the sun was unhampered by the cloudless sky, the wind off the water gave the day an icy edge. However, the ocean side walk offered up stunning views of the mountains and downtown Vancouver and we spent the afternoon walking along the beach all that way to the U.S border. It's been a great weekend of exploration and seeing this vast metropolis from many different viewpoints; here's to urban exploration!

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