Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seeing Spring Through the Fog

With this perpetual shroud of fog that's engulfed Vancouver this past week, I've felt as though I'm living on the set of some zombie movie. I keep expecting to see zombies lurch out of the fog gnashing their teeth in anticipation of their next kill. I'm actually surprised that the Vancouver members of Crawl of the Living Dead haven't taken advantage of nature's ominously cloaked landscape and organized a zombie crawl down Robson Street or through Vancouver's sprawling downtown.

With January wrapping up to be one of the snowiest in years, I find myself reminiscing about leisurely Sundays spent wandering around Lighthouse Park, or lounging in the sun on the back patio of Crave on Main Street. I'm yearning for the days where I can ride my bike again without fear of slipping on ice or being hit by drivers who don't know how to contend with the snow. At least March brings the promise of cherry blossoms. I'm also waiting for the crocuses to thrust their way up through the dirt, extending their delicate petals towards the light. Although in some ways I've relished the fogginess of the last ten days, I think I'll be happier when the fog recedes and I'll be able to see the landscape once more.

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