Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Mo' Dadeo's

I'm sad by the recent demise of one of my favourite Edmonton exports: Dadeo's Cajun diner at 3305 Cambie Street. After almost two years in business, the Vancouver location no longer offers an inviting flood of light from the windows, only brown paper masking everything from view. A couple of weeks after it closed I was reassured by the hopeful sign announcing that Dadeo's was undergoing renovations and would open again soon. However, upon wandering past there last Friday on a quest to see the progress, I saw several posters pasted on the doors proudly stating, "Stella's Pub Opening Soon." Say it isn't so! No more Po' Boys, yam fries or fritters after spending the day at the beach.

The Edmonton restaurant has been a local favourite for years, the red 50s style diner booths always packed, people jockeying for elbow room at the counter when table space ran out. I missed it so much, it was the first restaurant I visited upon returning to Edmonton after a year abroad. Alas. At least the Black Frog still exists.

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  1. I too am very disappointed. I will always have great memories of a well needed pint and a po'boy after a long bike ride after a wonderful day on wreck with you. Maybe Stella's will be good, I have been to the one on Commercial a few times. Not bad, good beer selection.